5 Spring Cleaning Tips To Make Your House Sparkle - 13/03/18

Although you can never be 100% certain in West Yorkshire, it looks like the winter is finally coming to an end. If you are full of joy at the thought of blue skies, the packing away of the big coat and the sight of lambs gambolling in the fields, you might also be keen to bottom your home. Here are five spring cleaning tips to make your house sparkle.

1)    Declutter Before You Begin

Whilst you are washing away the residue of the winter, you might as well take the opportunity to declutter. Well, you wouldn’t want to spend time dusting an item you never use, would you?

Getting rid of items you don’t need is a simple and swift way to begin the spring cleaning process, and that feeling after taking a huge load to the tip or the charity shop is the perfect psychological boost to set you off on the rest of the job.

For a host of decluttering tips, see our earlier blog post on just that topic.


2)    Use Rubber Gloves to Remove Pet Hairs

Pets are a huge part of our lives in this country. More than a third of us own either a dog or a cat, which means that more than a third of us have to suffer the daily chore of removing their hair from our carpets and furniture.

Whilst we wouldn’t be without our furry friends, their constant shedding is a pain. However, you can use a rubber glove to remove the hair from sofas and other items. Simple stick on the marigold and swipe the covered piece, letting the friction pull the hair away like a pro.


3)    Clean Your Windows on a Cloudy Day

Of course we’re all praying for sun after another cold, snowy and glum Yorkshire winter, but here’s a spring cleaning tip that requires it to be overcast.

When washing your windows, avoid the panes that are being hit by direct sunlight because the chances are that whatever type of cleaner you are using will dry before you reach the stage where you wipe it off. This will leave streaks and mean you have to go through the whole process again!

If by some miracle it is wall-to-wall sun through spring and summer (we can dream), start on the shady side of your house and work your way round, depending on where the sun is during the day. 

4)    Use Toothpaste to Clean Your Fridge

Toothpaste isn’t just great for cleaning teeth; it also contains chemicals that are perfect for obliterating the stains that build up inside your fridge. A toothbrush is also the ideal cleaning tool, as it is small enough to get right into all the nooks and crannies inside the appliance.

Just make sure that you either bin the utensil after you have finished the job or keep it well away from the toothbrushes in your bathroom that are still being used for their original purpose, or you might receive an unpleasant surprise.

5)    Heat or Cold to Take Out the Carpet Dents

Whilst you are spring cleaning, you might fancy taking the opportunity to move the furniture around. The only issue with this is that you reveal the dents in the carpet left by the heavy items that have been resting there.

You have two options to remove the dents – hot or cold.

Either attack the indentations with the steam spray from your iron, or leave a selection of ice cubes on the pesky marks – both work, so it’s up to you which you prefer! 

More Spring Cleaning Tips

Do you have any spring cleaning tips to share? Let us know, we’d love to hear them! Happy cleaning!