5 Tips For Moving House With Children - 19/09/18

A house move can be a very busy time even if it just you and your other half involved. However, when you throw children into the mix as well, it can be tricky to keep them entertained and happy whilst ensuring the move runs smoothly. Maybe you don’t have relatives or friends locally that can look after them, or perhaps all your nearest and dearest have been drafted in to help package, lift and transport your worldly goods.

Whatever the situation, here are five tips for moving house with children. Some of them help your kids adjust to their new surroundings and others simply make the big day more fun for them. Follow these suggestions and your move will be so much easier and more pleasant for all concerned.


1)    Do Your Preparation 

Sometimes the worst aspect of moving house for children is the fear of the unknown. Even if you are not moving that far away, relocating to a new area can still be a daunting prospect.

Make sure you spend some time exploring your new neighbourhood with the children. Visit the local park, eat in nearby cafes and generally immerse yourself in what will become your new life. 

If you can, take the kids on a viewing of the new property so they can get a feel for what their new room might be like. You can even spend some time following that visit helping them come up with ideas for what they might want in there and how they want it to be decorated.


2)    Turn Moving Day Into a Game

The ideal situation would be that there is someone who can look after the kids on moving day, but that’s not always possible. If your children are around whilst you are packing up and shipping out, turn the day into a game.

You could have a competition to see which child can pack up their personal items first (with the knowledge that the possessions must be packed safely and neatly before the win can be confirmed). They could also decorate the boxes with pictures relevant to the room in which they need to be taken in the new place.

You can give older children some responsibilities, such as organising their younger siblings, ensuring the essentials are easily accessible at the other end, and even providing a constant stream of tea, coffee and biscuits for everyone who pitches in, depending on how old they are. 


3)    Moving Day Soundtrack

Some of our happiest memories are linked to music. Hearing our favourite song can change our mood in an instant. Ahead of moving day, compile a playlist containing some tunes that mean a lot to the kids. Any task becomes a lot easier when you can have a little dance whilst doing it. When moving house with children, a decent soundtrack is essential.



4)    Pack Toys and Games Last

Toys _5 Tips For Moving House With Children

To help keep the kids happy when you arrive at your new home, you need to know exactly where their toys and games are. Nothing will help them settle quicker than the familiarity of these items. Make sure you pack these last at your old house, so they will be the first things you unpack at the other end.

You might want to add in a few homely items into this essentials kit too, so they can begin to make their new bedrooms feel like their space. 

This is potentially even more important than having easy access to a kettle when you reach your destination.


5)    Celebrate Your Hard Work

Once you have managed to move yourselves, your kids, your pets and all your possessions over to your new home, it is often tempting to collapse into bed for an early night. However, it is a good idea to celebrate your hard work, congratulate the kids on coming through the experience and instantly make great memories in the new house.

Order in some pizzas, crack open the fizzy pop and have some relaxed family time to send the children off to bed with a smile on their face. The unpacking can wait until tomorrow.


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