5 Simple Tips for Selling Your House in Winter - 17/12/18

If you are selling your house in winter, there are a number of simple but effective measures you can take to make it stand out to potential buyers. You don’t have the benefit of the golden light of spring and summer to enhance your property, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be attractive to viewers. 

In winter, the trees are stark and leaf-free, there’s mud everywhere and the clouds are usually ominous and grey. However, follow these suggestions and your viewers will be able to look past that to the beauty of your home.


Channel That Hygge Feeling

Hygge is the Danish concept of comfort and cosiness - perfect for those chilly winter days. Make sure the heating comes on well in advance of viewings so the warmth is evident when they walk through the door. If you have a fire or wood burner and you are showing the viewers around yourself, get it roaring and ready to wow them. If you are not conducting viewings, lay everything out ready to light the fire and give them a taste of the cosiness to come. Make sure you have some thick curtains to keep out the cold.  

Essentially, you want prospective buyers to picture themselves curled up in a snug refuge from the frost and snow. Blankets over sofas and plush cushions also help conjure up this effect. Just picture a scene crying out for a warming mug of mulled wine to make it complete. 


Pay Attention to Your Outside Space

Robin -634413_1280

For anyone who regards gardening as a chore rather than a pleasure, one of the best things about winter is that you don’t need to spend much time cutting, pruning and watering. However, there is plenty you can do to the outside spaces of your home to make them winter viewing ready.  

When selling your house in winter, make sure you put away the outdoor furniture. You are unlikely to want to use it and it takes up a large area of your garden. Allow the prospective viewers a blank canvas on which they can start to plan how they will use the space. 

Clear leaves from the pathways, drains and gutters too. This looks more appealing, prevents problems associated with blockages and helps eradicate slip hazards too. 


Brighten the Corners  

If you have a dark corner in your house, that will be even more obvious in winter. Of course, you want the house to be cosy, but you also need to show off everything your house has to offer. Invest in lamps to ensure your property is as well lit as possible, even in the gloomiest months of the year. 


Watch out for Draughts

Do you have any gaps in the doorways or windows? Perhaps you have just been living with the minor inconvenience during the summer. Now is the time to have those fixed. When the air turns cool, a draught can mean you pay even more for energy. 

In addition, if a viewer feels a draught as they look around your property, alarm bells will ring in their head. Don’t give them any reason to doubt that your house is the one for them. 


Tone Down the Christmas Decorations

Christmas -tree -1081981_1280

Even if you love Christmas more than Buddy the Elf, whilst you are selling your home in winter try to keep it toned down a little. Viewers in December will expect decorations, but avoid too much clutter so that they can gain a better impression of the space. 

A massive tree, low hanging decorations and Christmas cards on every surface can make the room feel smaller, which is the opposite of what you hope to achieve when showing off your property. If you still want the big tree, see if there is a piece of furniture you can move out of the room temporarily to compensate. 


Selling Your House in Winter - Call Robert Watts

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