Five Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Home - 12/10/16

If you know you would like to move up the property ladder at some point in the future, you need to make the house you are living in now work for you. Implementing a few adjustments now could add value to your current home, offering you more buying power when it comes to house hunting. Here are some suggestions:

First Impressions

You need to make your house look as smart as possible because first impressions are hugely important. If a potential buyer sees dull, chipped paintwork, an overgrown front garden or blocked gutters it may put give them a bad impression and put them in the wrong frame of mind from the outset. When you put your house on the market, it is a good idea to sweep the path and driveway regularly, keep the windows clean and generally offer as much kerb appeal as possible.

Fix the Issues

Crack -230676_1280

Of course you should make sure cracks on walls are sorted and damp is treated, but more minor issues could also subconsciously put off potential buyers. If you have dripping taps, a banister that is coming loose from the wall or doors that don’t close properly, you should ensure they are all fixed before viewings commence.


Make the Kitchen Shine

Kitchen -1416383_1280

The kitchen is often the hub of family life and buyers are looking for a convenient space, which is clean and practical. It is worth investing in new appliances to give it an up-to-date look as well as making the most of the lighting and ensuring the flooring is looking its best. 


Update the Bathroom

Having a neat and well-maintained bathroom is another great way to sell your house. Fix any broken tiles, replace fittings like toilet roll holders and towel rails to show it off at its best and consider installing a screen rather than a curtain if your shower is positioned over the bath.


Apply for Planning Permission

Floor -plan -1474454_1280

Whether you want to extend or not, knowing that it is a possibility could be a big selling point for a potential new owner. It is one less thing for them to wonder about and makes your house an attractive prospect to those looking to develop a place as well as those who want a house meeting its current specifications.