How to Declutter Your Home Before You Move - 03/05/17

If you are thinking of moving home any time soon, you know that you will have to make a series of tough decisions on how to declutter. The good news is that ridding yourself of stuff you simply don’t need not only makes the move easier, but also helps manage your stress levels and could even earn you a few quid in the process.

Whether you see the meticulously-neat Hyacinth Bucket from Keeping Up Appearances as your home style icon, or you’re more in tune with the domestic chaos of the Outnumbered clan, research shows that ridding yourself of a few unused nick nacks is great for your mental wellbeing, so here’s how you do it without taking them to the tip:


Carboot Sales

Every weekend from spring to autumn, fields, school playgrounds and car parks across the country host car boot sales, full of ardent declutterers and bargain hunters who are more than ready to take your unloved items off your hands.

Yes, it often means an early start and it’s not always exactly tropical, but car boot sales have their own unique atmosphere, there are usually bacon butties available and you can turf out a high volume of clutter from your life.

Simply squeeze everything into the back of your car, pay your pitch fee, set everything out and watch the buyers come and lighten your load. Popular car boots in West Yorkshire take place at Leeds Bradford Airport and the Richard Dunn Sports Centre in Bradford on a Sunday morning and Otley cattle market on Sunday afternoons.


Sell it Online


In many ways, eBay, Gumtree, Shpock and a host of others are the online equivalent of the boot sale. The advantages include not having to set a ludicrous alarm on the traditional day of rest and that you can easily whack up the heating if you start to feel a chill. 

It does mean having to individually list all of the items, which takes time and means it’s less likely you can declutter in the same volume as you could at a car boot, but you don’t have to involve yourself in any hardcore haggling like you might in person. Don’t forget to check your listing for spelling mistakes so potential buyers don’t miss it, and ensure you cover your postage costs if you are offering that service too.

Bradford and the surrounding towns boast numerous Facebook groups dedicated to users selling items to others in the nearby area.


Charity Shops

There are hundreds of charity shops across West Yorkshire, representing fantastic charities both regional and national, and they are crying out for stock. If the items you are looking to move on are still in decent condition and you are not looking for payment, you can help these good causes raise much needed cash from your clutter.

If you’d like to support local charities, Mpika is West Yorkshire-based and raises cash for vulnerable children in Zambia from their shops in Keighley, Denholme and Queensbury, whilst Safe Haven is found in Yeadon and helps those who have suffered domestic violence.


Do you have any other decluttering tips? Let us know!