James Is Doing Total Warrior, Leeds - 10/05/17

Total Warrior is happening this June in Bramham Park. Not heard of it? Nor had we until our Director James signed up for it!

Taking place on Saturday 24th & Sunday 25 June  2017, it essentially consists of 30 punishing obstacles along a 12k route… including ‘Peaks Of Pain’, ‘The Plunge’ and Human BBQ’.

But why we hear you ask? Well…  James wants to help raise some money for a very good cause.

We recently met Eliza. Eliza is 6 years old suffers with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA).  Approximately 1 in every 1000 children are affected by JIA.   Eliza needs regular hospital treatment alongside weekly injections at home to manage her JIA. Her medication causes nausea, fatigue and mouth ulcers.  It also increases her risk of developing cancer.  She also suffers with Uveitis, a sight threatening condition associated with JIA.  There is no cure.  Some children will grow out of JIA however Eliza’s type means she will most likely spend her life battling against this crippling condition.

So, there you go. James is raising money for NRAS. They are the only UK patient led charity dedicated to supporting  thousands of adults with Ra and children with Junior Idiopathic Arthritis… which is what Eliza suffers with.

If you can help, please click the link below and sponsor James. It really doesn’t matter how much you can spare. Every pound will help.

We’re hoping to help him along his way with some training challenges too, so keep an eye out on our social channels!

Thank you