John Watts Celebrates 25 Years - 14/02/19

We are proud to announce that 2019 is John Watts’ 25 year anniversary working at Robert Watts.  Whilst some may say he was born into the job, he actually left school and started working in February 1994 and he hasn’t looked back since…..well not often.

He had always wanted to work for the family firm and took the plunge at the original Bolton Road as the office junior/dogsbody, with grand plans to take over the empire.  Recalling those far gone days, John remembers his experiences.

“Our Bolton Road office was a baptism of fire as went in as the office junior essentially, but it was a good grounding to experience all parts of the job.  I worked under Stuart McGregor, who had great experience and worked for us for over 35 years himself.  I took over as office manager at another of our offices a few years later, then moved to our busy Wibsey branch before moving onto Birkenshaw, where I am now.  I’ve experienced all types of markets, from boom to recession but I still love it – most of the time!”

John 25ys

Things have changed in a lot 25 years from Tony Blair to Theresa May, from Oasis to Ed Sheeran and particularly in house prices.  In 1994 the average house price in Bradford was £51,362 and now its £129,626 according to ‘rightmove’ and the ‘Nationwide Building Society’.

John comments;

“Prices have changed a lot over the years, but so has our industry.  The presence of online agents has changed the landscape significantly, but I still believe we are well set to offer customers a great service - selling houses is not always plain sailing and you need someone fighting your corner.  We have gone from strength to strength in my 25 years and this is year sees our 40th anniversary, so we must be doing something right.  House prices have obviously changed a lot but so has everything else.  I was looking at the price of a pint in 1994, which was apparently £1.56 but it’s now supposedly £3.67, although that sounds cheap compared to my local!”