More time at home has influenced what buyers are looking for - 16/06/20

Over the last few months, our homes have had to take on a new role to provide us with an environment to live, work, exercise, and carry out all other daily tasks. Our kitchens are now used for juggling home-schooling and homeworking, as well as baking the perfect banana loaf for Instagram stories. Our living rooms have become home gyms to follow Joe Wicks’ PE sessions with the kids and to create at-home cinema nights. These changes, plus many more, seem to have our buyers thinking about what their priorities are for their next move.

We spoke to a handful of buyers and here are their top five demands right now:

  1. A garden – Although the sun isn’t always shining up here in Bradford and the surrounding areas, the top priority on the list for buyers at the moment is outdoor space. Whether this is a lawn for the kids to play football on or a patio area with a large rattan outdoor sofa, buyers are yearning to extend their homes outside.

  2. A bigger home with plenty of space to work – Home-schooling and homeworking has meant that our usual kitchen or dining table set up has been looking a little different lately. It seems that buyers are looking for separate rooms to dedicate to these activities, to allow them to be away from the activity hub of the rest of the home and fine-tune their work-life balance.

  3. Parking/garage – Despite not doing the school run or a mad dash to the office in the mornings, off-road parking and garage space is still a requirement for our buyers. This gives many buyers peace of mind that their vehicle is safe, especially those who reside in properties close to main roads.

  4. Contemporary living – Some of our buyers may still be up for giving an older property a new lease of life. Still, it seems the consensus at the moment is that modern properties are more attractive to buyers. Has lockdown made us inherently lazy?!

  5. Conservatories – A conservatory can connect your home and your garden, and create a cosy environment to relax in. No matter the weather, you can enjoy the array of options the added space can offer to you and your family, such as an office space, living room, or dining room.

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