Six Ideas for Clutter-Free Christmas Gifts - 24/11/17

Whether your house is up for sale, you are planning to move soon or you are just trying to make the most of the space that you have, Christmas can be a nightmare. Kids particularly accumulate large quantities of what is technically termed ‘stuff’ over the festive period, leaving cupboards, sheds and garages bursting at the seams. With that in mind, here are six ideas for clutter-free Christmas gifts this Yuletide:


Buy Digital


This could be the solution for your teens. Gone are the days when you needed to have all of your favourite albums on vinyl, cassette and CD along with your movie library on DVD and Blu Ray (not to mention VHS if you’re old enough). You could help educate your kids in all things sound and vision merely by adding a few gigabytes to their hard drive this year.


Traditionalists may despair of the move away from physical media, but for your child to be able to carry the entire history of music and film in their pocket makes things so much neater. Invest in some iTunes vouchers or a subscription to Netflix, Apple Music or Spotify this Christmas and you’ll have added precisely no more clutter to your home. Bliss. 


Experience Gifts


Christmas doesn’t have to be about collecting objects, especially if you’re trying to live within your clutter means. With this in mind, why not treat the loved one in your life to an experience? Give them a day out that they can store solely in their mind.


This could be a day in a car on the racetrack, a sky dive or a bungee jump, but it doesn’t have to involve high-adrenaline action. You could book the taster menu at a fancy Michelin-starred restaurant, a trip on the Orient Express or something else that they would never treat themselves to normally.

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One In, One Out


All of these ideas so far are perfect because they leave no footprint in your home, but it is nice to open something on Christmas morning a little more exciting than a card detailing a gift they have to wait a couple of months to redeem.


This is where you need to get ruthless. For every object gifted, the old version needs to leave the house immediately. Buying your partner socks? They need to throw out the same number of currently owned threadbare pairs.


There’s no time for nostalgia, those old items need to go. Same for new jeans, new jumpers, new trainers – they come in, the old versions go to the charity shop, car boot sale, recycling or wherever.


Go Christmas Present Neutral


On a similar theme, you can offset presents you are likely to receive from elsewhere. Whereas you can exert some control over the gifts exchanged within your four walls, there will always be outsiders intent on messing up your tidy abode with impractical offerings. So, like planting a tree for every flight you take to go carbon neutral, consider being present neutral this year.


This takes some planning – you need to pre-empt the number of parcels that will cross over the threshold into your house and offset that by re-gifting the same number to others this Christmas.


Collect up all the deodorant sets, soap baskets and bottles of ‘interesting and exotic’ liqueurs you’ve racked up over the years and set them free into the world, creating the room you need to house the replacements.


Practical Stuff


It’s not exactly diamonds from Tiffany’s, but often, practical gifts take up no space and are hugely appreciated by the recipient. It may not seem glamorous to hand out AA memberships to your nearest and dearest, but come March, when they’re stuck on the side of the M62, they’ll be glad for your crusade against clutter.


Similarly, a gym membership is the gift that keeps on giving, but you have to be very comfortable in your relationship with the recipient and certain that they won’t take it in entirely the wrong way.




Finally, food can help when it comes to clutter-free Christmas gifts. Okay, it takes up space for a short amount of time, but the power to make it disappear really is in your hands (well, mouth). And who doesn't love a gigantic wheel of cheese, massive box of chocolates or selection of meats during the festive period?


Will you be trying these clutter-free Christmas gift ideas? Have you got any of your own to suggest? Let us know!