Six Things People Often Forget When Moving House - 05/02/18

There are hundreds of key points to remember when moving home but, amid the chaos of even the most keenly planned flit, something important will always fall by the wayside. However, if you are about to move in the near future, take a look through this list of six things people often forget when moving house, and hopefully it will go some way to jogging your memory.


1)    Don't Pack Away the Kettle

Britain was built on brews. They have seen us right through austerity, illness, war and more than one heart-breaking penalty shoot-out. If anything can relax you on a day that most people rate as one of the most stressful of life events, it’s a cup of tea.

But what happens when you get to your new home and realise that the kettle is sitting twelve boxes deep in the removal lorry’s second load, back at your old abode? Moving day is ruined.

Don’t let that happen, make sure you have an ‘essentials’ box with you at all times when you move house, containing everything you will need as soon as you cross the threshold for the first time as owners. It might hold a torch for searching for a fuse box in a dark cupboard, a set of tools just in case, nappies for the baby, any medicine you need, a supply of sandwiches and, most important of all, cups, tea bags, a kettle and milk.

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2)    Read the Meters

With the rush to leave the old house and make your mark on the next, you might forget to take electricity and gas meter readings, but they are vitally important. When you ring the utility company to tell them you’ve moved out, you need to know exactly how much you used before the move so you’re not overcharged. Similarly, take readings as soon as you move into the new place, so you only pay for what you use.

3)    Have You Got all the Keys?

The last thing you want to do is, three days after moving in, attempt to get into the shed and realise that you don’t have a key for it. You would have to track the old owner down and hope that they can find that tiny piece of metal amidst the possessions they have also just moved from house to house. 

Make sure you have every key for every lock in the new place and, in turn, ensure you leave the new owners of your old house with all the keys they will ever need too.

4)    Redirect Your Mail

This is a big one. Not only do you not want to miss out on Auntie Doris’ moving in gift, you don't want all your bills and personal information being delivered to the wrong place.

The Royal Mail Redirection Service will handle this on your behalf for up to a year, but you are advised to apply with at least five working days’ notice before the date of your move.

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5)    Look After Your Pet

Moving house is a big deal for humans, but also for pets. It may not cross your mind that they could be in need of a little more TLC than usual. There are unfamiliar roads, smells and other animals at your new location and it can confuse them at first. Knowing that you are going to move house is the perfect excuse to get them checked over by your vet to make sure they are in tip-top shape before the upheaval.

If you are moving somewhere nearby, perhaps take your dog to the local area for a few walks in the run up to moving day. If you are heading to a different town or village, ask your vet for advice on acclimatising animals to new surroundings, as well as whether they can recommend any decent vets in the new area that you could sign up with after you settle in to the new house.

6)    Label Your Boxes

This is an important one that will make the first few days in your new place much easier to deal with. When the boxes are packed, note down their contents on the outside. This means the removals people can take them to the correct rooms in the first instance, and you’re not frantically ripping open boxes and hurling their contents everywhere, desperately trying to find the kids’ school uniforms at 8 o’clock on Monday morning!


Have you got any more expert tips on things not to forget when moving house? Share the wisdom and let us know!