Landlord fees

Premium package

The initial set up fee is £270 including VAT for an unfurnished property. (£225 plus £45 V.A.T)


£300 including VAT for a furnished property. (£250 PLUS £50 V.A.T)

We then charge 12% plus VAT of the gross rent collected per month as a management fee. Plus standard referencing and rent guarantee. (e.g. £450 per calendar month the commission would be £54 plus £10.80 (VAT) = £64.80 per month management fee.

Standard package

The fee is £450 including VAT, plus standard referencing. (£375 plus £75 V.A.T.)

Rent guarantee and standard referencing

Rent guarantee and Premium package

The fee is £250 (including ipt) for rents up to £550 p.c.m.


£350 (including ipt) for rents over £550 p.c.m. renewable every 12 months.

Plus a one off standard referencing cost of £60 including i.p.t. and VAT for each additional tenant*

Standard referencing for Standard and Basic package services

The fee is £60 including i.p.t. and VAT per tenant*

*All prospective tenants over the age of 18 must be referenced