If you are looking to buy your first home or are thinking about your next step on the ladder, then you might be considering a new build home. There are plenty of benefits to buying a new build, from long-term financial savings to having a simpler moving journey. 

Here are our top five benefits of buying a new build home. 


Energy Efficiency 

New build homes are typically more energy-efficient than older properties. Often they are fitted with solar panels, efficient heating systems and modern insulation materials to reduce the amount of energy your home uses and decrease your bills. 


No Chain  

There are no onward chains with new build properties, meaning that your transaction should run seamlessly from start to finish. The duration of your wait for your new home’s completion depends on when you reserve it during the development’s build schedule. However, once you’re prepared to finalise the contract exchange process, the wait should be significantly shorter compared to waiting for a complete chain of buyers.



Right from the beginning you have the opportunity to make a new build home your own, with customisation options usually available if you buy during the building stage. From floors to cupboard doors and paint colours you can select your preferences and have the perfect home ready for you from move-in day.



The vast majority of new build homes are protected by the National House Building Council’s (NHBC) 10-year warranty. This structural warranty covers the cost of fixing any faults to the property caused by the builder failing to meet NHBC requirements for the property’s construction. Examples of this include the foundations, external render, roofs, ceilings, chimneys and load-bearing sections of the floor. 


Buying Schemes 

From part-exchange to government-backed schemes, developers provide a wide range of support for buyers.  One example of this is the First Homes scheme, designed to support first-time buyers in successfully purchasing a new home. Under this programme, first-time buyers with a household income of under £80,000 could save up to 50% on their home purchase, on properties up to £250,000. 

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