Winter Property News
As the cold weather descends upon us, one of the major issues in the market at the moment, and something we have being stressing to both sellers and buyers for the past two years, is that sales transactions times are taking longer and longer.
We were delighted to attend the EA Masters in London last week and mix with the other top 3% agents in the country.
Yorkshire Market Review September
The never ending housing reports that leak into the market give a more depressing picture nationwide and we feel both buyers and sellers need to be aware of these factors as long term confidence remains low. However rental demand is high and stock levels low, which gives cause for optimism for landlords as rents should start rising.
We were delighted to offer our support to this great local tradition again.
Work for Robert Watts
We are looking for a Property Management Viewer and Inventory Coordinator to join our busy team in Cleckheaton.
Summer Market Review
It’s a ‘topsy turvy’ market out there all right with conflicting reports coming in from left, right and centre, so it’s no wonder buyers and sellers are confused. Some reports suggest homeowners expect prices to grow in next 6 months but the RICS warn that prices and stock levels remain flat. However there is a real North/south divide developing and for once, us Northerners, are benefiting!
How to Save Money on Family Days Out Near Bradford
With the summer holidays stretching ahead of us, there comes the annual worry of how to keep the kids entertained whilst staying within budget. Never fear, though. There are plenty of ways to enjoy all that Yorkshire has to offer without breaking the bank. Take a look at these handy tips on how to save money on family days out near Bradford.
Office Junior Required
Are you looking for an office junior role? Would you like to join a busy family run firm? Come and join Robert Watts!
We are delighted to announce we have won a Best Estate Agent Guide Award as one of the top 3% estate agencies in the country.
Join Robert Watts
Would you like to join a busy family run firm? Come and join Robert Watts. We are currently recruiting for a part-time sales negotiator, located at our Cleckheaton Sales office.