The future of flexible living - 22/01/21

For many of us, our homes have had to work a lot harder for us over the last year as we turned our usual routines upside down.

Whether you've been a teacher in your kitchen by day and a chef by night, or if your garage has become the venue for your HIIT sessions, your home has had to be more flexible than ever.

At Robert Watts, we’ve noticed our buyers' demands change dramatically throughout 2020, and many requirements appear to be staying put on people's lists in 2021. 

Greater indoor and outdoor spaces are in high demand in Bradford and the surrounding areas, particularly living spaces that can serve more than one purpose.

Opportunities for conversion are extremely attractive right now. Many prospective buyers are looking for projects to fill their spare time (and get their DIY fix!). Bradford properties aren't short of spare rooms and gardens to accommodate the need for added space.

We use our understanding of the local and national property market to ensure your requirements are met. With our diverse property descriptions and photography, our team showcase how each home could be used and loved to suit a range of families.

The good news is, now is a great time to think about selling your home as there are many prospective buyers in the market looking for their next home. If you have spare bedrooms or a garden room, this will be sure to capture the attention of those searching.