If you’re planning a home move in 2022, you can make it easier by starting to prepare as soon as possible. In recent years, Rightmove has reported a 231% in traffic between December 26th and New Year’s Eve, and this year will likely be no different.

Rightmove’s recent House Price Index has predicted a ‘more normal’ market going into 2022, so getting yourself in a good position now is the first step to securing your dream home and making your perfect move next year.

We spoke to our Director, James Watts about how you can do this! 

Tackle your to-dos

We all have a list as long as our arm that we put off every weekend, such as a bit of filler here, a new shower screen there. Now is the time to tackle your to-dos. You might be used to seeing the minor snags, but it may be the first thing a viewer sees and instantly put them off.


Put away photos of family, friends and children, as this enables viewers to picture this as their own home instead of seeing it as yours. Be careful with this one, though, as you still want it to feel like a home. If you’re ever unsure, we’re more than happy to offer advice on how to find the right balance.

Kerb appeal

We’ve heard the phrase so many times, but what does it mean. First impressions count, so move the dustbins, pull any weeds out, sweep up and add a couple of potted plants. You can take advantage of the blue skies by getting your marketing organised this time of year for 2022.  

Sights and smells

We want viewers to see your home in its best light, so make sure all rooms are well lit, and you replace any flickering or dull bulbs. Remember, smells such as fresh linen candles, freshly baked bread and a pot of fresh coffee can enhance the viewing experience.


It’s time to get rid of all unwanted items, and clean – completion day can sometimes happen at short notice, so make sure you’ve cleared out everything that you won’t be taking with you to your new home. So many fantastic local charity shops will appreciate all those bits and bobs you no longer use.

Give the house a lick of paint where needed. A little spruce can go a long way. Go for neutral colours such as an off-white shade and remember everyone’s taste is different, so offer your prospective buyers a blank canvas they put their stamp on. 

If you’re considering your next move for 2022, give us a call to arrange an informal chat with one of our team and find out how we can help you with your next step on the property ladder.